Legal Resources RSS feed for public list Legal Resources A Comparative Look at Public Liability for Flood Hazard Mitigation by Kusler, Jon A. A legal view of the flood plain by Beuchert, Edward W. A Summary of NFIP Policy for Local Officials: A Guide to Assist Local Governments in their Floodplain Management Programs A Summary of NFIP Policy for Local Officials: A Guide to Assist Local Governments in their Floodplain Management Programs by Steele, Chuck American Indian water rights and the limits of law / by Burton, Lloyd. ASFPM Amicus Brief Columbia Venture v. Richland County Brief of Amicus Curiae Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc. in Support of the State of New Jersey Coastal No Adverse Impact Coastal storm hazard mitigation: a handbook on coastal planning and legal issues Columbia Venture LLC v. Richland County, South Carolina Supreme Court Common legal questions about floodplain regulations in the courts by Kusler, Jon A. Common Legal Questions Pertaining to the Use of Floodplains and Wetlands / by Kusler, Jon A. Community Liability and Property Rights: As Mayor or County Commissioner, should you worry about your liability in the event of a flood? Courts Issue Good News for Floodplain Management by Edward A. Thomas Digital is Official Flood Plain Management Conference : Flood Risk in the Courts: Reducing Government Liability While Encouraging Government Responsibility by Kusler, Jon A. FLOODING/STORMWATER RELATED PROGRAMS IN PENNSYLVANIA: Data, Models, Products, Applicability Floodplain Management and No Adverse Impact: by Pace, Niki L. Floodplain Management Legal Issues Floodplain Management: Making the Case for a No Adverse Impact (NAI) Approach Great Lakes Community Resilience: A No Adverse Impact Approach - Gulf Coast Community Flood Resilience: Application of No Adverse Impact for Coastal Communities Legal Issues In Upgrading Flood Maps To Reflect Climate Change, Other Changed Conditions by Kusler, Jon A. Legal problems in regulating flood hazard areas by Liebman, Ernst Legal Questions: Legal uses of technical data on floods by Dunham, Allison Liability for Water Control Structure Failure Due to Flooding Low-Hanging Fruit Ready for the Harvest by Medlock, Sam Riley Managing Floodplain Development through the National Flood Insurance Program: Minnesota Floodplain Regulatory documents Mitigating Misery: Land Use and Protection of Property Rights Before the Next Big Flood No Adverse Impact and the Courts: Protecting the Property Rights of All No Adverse Impact in the Coastal Zone Performance standards for growth management by Porter, Douglas R. Professional Liability for Construction in Flood Hazard Areas by Kusler, Jon A. Property Rights and Community Liability: The Legal Framework for Managing Watershed Development Protecting the Property Rights of All: No Adverse Impact Floodplain and Stormwater Management by Edward A. Thomas Retreating for Resilience: Legal and Policy Tools for Relocating Development from Floodplains by Katie Spidalieri Second Annual Wisconsin Water Law Conference Speaker Biographies: State of New Jersey Supreme Court Clerk's Syllabus Mansoldo v. State of New Jersey Subdivision Design and Flood Hazard Areas The Changing NFIP and CRS: A Legal Perspective from Three Coastal States by J. Scott Pippin The control and development of flood plain areas by White, Gilbert F. The Legal Aspects of the National Flood Insurance Program by Womack, Larissa The legal basis for regulation of land use in flood-prone areas by Wright, James M. Turning Koontz Into an Opportunity for More Resilient Communities by Edward A. Thomas What the Rapanos-Carabell Wetlands Decisions Mean to Floodplain and Stormwater Managers