Lauren Hansen 2020 RSS feed for public list Lauren Hansen 2020 An assessment of flood risk management in Canada / by Shrubsole, Dan, Flood discharges in the upper Mississippi River basin, 1993 by Parrett, Charles. Flood Reduction through Wetland Restoration: The Upper Mississippi River Basin as a Case History Flood-Proofing Administrative Manual for Minnesota / Living with the Red : Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Memoranda and Letters Minnesota Floodplain Management Newsletter (Volume 1, Issue 3) / Minnesota’s Flood Plain Management Program / by Wright, James M. Sharing the challenge : Techniques for estimating magnitude and frequency of floods in Minnesota / by Guetzkow, Lowell C. The Corps, the environment, and the Upper Mississippi River Basin by Merritt, Raymond H., The Upper Mississippi River Comprehensive Flood Damage Reduction Study: Taking a Fresh Look at an Old Problem on a Basin-Wide Level by Astrack, Richard F.